DUI Attorney Phoenix AZ

If you are looking for a DUI attorney Phoenix AZ counts on, you may want to contact Lorona Mead for legal counsel. Our firm has over 50 years of combined experience and we are eager to help you with your driving under the influence (DUI) case. With an experienced Phoenix DUI attorney by your side, you may have a better chance at getting your charges dropped or reduced.

Benefits of Hiring a DUI Lawyer

It is not a wise idea to handle a DUI charge without legal representation. If you have a skilled lawyer by your side, you are more likely to get favorable results. Here are a few benefits of hiring a DUI attorney Phoenix AZ respects:

  • Reduced Penalties: One major benefit is that your lawyer may be able to reduce your charges and/or fines. For example, if this is your first DUI offense, your lawyer may talk to the prosecutor about giving you probation instead of jail time.
  • Protection from the Police: If you talk to the police about your case without a lawyer present, they may ask you illegal questions and trick you into confessing. A DUI attorney won’t allow the police to ask you inappropriate questions.
  • Representation in Court: Walking into a courtroom can be scary, especially when you are dealing with a criminal charge. If you walk into the courtroom with a skilled DUI attorney Phoenix AZ depends on, you may feel less nervous.

Contact a DUI Attorney in Phoenix AZ

During your first consultation with a DUI attorney Phoenix AZ trusts from Lorona Mead, we may calculate exactly how much it will cost to take your case. If you have just been charged with a DUI, you are likely wondering how much it will cost to hire an experienced attorney. The price may vary depending on the severity of your charge and other factors. If you can’t afford to pay the entire amount initially, we may be able to work out a payment plan for you.

If you are facing a DUI charge we may help. Our experienced and skilled DUI defense attorneys represent individuals facing both felony and misdemeanor DUI charges. Regardless of the facts of your case, your history or your current circumstances, we may work tirelessly to protect your rights, to defend you, and to keep a DUI off your record.

Do not wait to hire a lawyer to take your DUI case. The sooner you do, the sooner you can put this mess behind you. A DUI conviction may have drastic effects on your life for many years to come. It’s important to know that your rights are being protected so that you do not receive an unjust conviction. If you are searching for a DUI attorney Phoenix AZ offers, call Lorona Mead today at 602-385-6825.